Dragons there be there

I feel as if I am perched on the precipice of a final au revoir. I have felt that way every time I have seen something on the horizon like that huge beast that showed up on the Florida golf course. Is it an illusion or is it real? Will I be able to elude the monster or will I go up in flames? My fear of death is present and pertinent to me.  I would like to get people to thinking about what they wish to do before they die. Not just rehash old fears. I need to think about what I will do before I pass on.

Dragons are prevalent in Babylon after its destruction. Is this sighting of this great alligator a sign of the times? It may or may not be. Satan is called an old dragon. Perhaps he is readying himself to make a stand. Christ will surely make short work of him. I am being only partially serious about this alligator being Satan but who knows. He surely is still in the heavens with his angels accusing our brethren.

I have a lot of fear in my life I guess I am saying. I know perfect love casts out fear. Even lazy people say there are lions in the streets and do not live to their full potential. I have steadily overcome some of my fears a bit at a time. Some obviously still are there in my mind.

As I have been thinking recently I need to accept things and let them go.

Dragons there be there

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