L’amour and a boring day

It has been a real quiet day here in my home without the sound of a friendly voice to quicken the spirit or raise my heart from its mute rendering of unkind voiceless placidity. My back aches from the position I am sitting in but no other stance is any good for me except to lay down which I don’t wish to perpetuate because of my general lethargy and drowsiness. I guess I am saying I am bored.

I have read from three different books today besides the Bible. One was about social strategies as taken from the arts of war by Robert Greene. It is pretty good. Another is a western by Matt Braun entitled Tombstone.  The last is the Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Last Days.

Several days ago I finished The Proving Trail by Louis L’amour, which was not very well plotted but had the L’amour touch in several ways. I would still only give it 2 and a half out of 4 because it was one of his lesser efforts.

I watched Captain America: Civil War which was pretty good. A large cast is wielded to tell a decent story which has a surprise at least to me. Spiderman is a part of the cast. Ant Man is a part of the cast. Thor, Hulk and Nick Fury are missing in action. There are several good action sequences of course as de riguer for these Marvel movies now. Anyway, Robert Downey Jr. does his usual good job of acting I think. Chris Evans isn’t very good I don’t think. Maybe it is the shadow of the fact that Captain America I have heard is going to be gay now which makes me have flu-like symptoms. Anyway, ta.

L’amour and a boring day

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