For quite a few years now at least since 1998 or so I have been playing off and on with a technique called image streaming and I am only now getting the hang of it a little bit. It comes from the superb book by Win Wenger called The Einstein Factor, which I am not sure how popular or well-known that book is. He probably would be upset to know I don’t follow the tape recorder or feedback loop system he has created but I do think he would be pleased to know that I think the system of image streaming generally works. I read books some scripture for instance quite deeply and I have found that by reading and writing out a description of the imagery in my head to the answer to the question I ask of my subconscious I get feedback that can be really complex at least to my limited mind and by reading between the lines and listening to subtle promptings which one gets used to through image streaming one can figure out the silver lining in the cloud so to speak.

For instance I was inexplicably able to figure out that my Bible was of the opinion that Christ does not say the words Come up hither in Revelations 4:1 because they are not in the red script which characterizes my Bible when Christ speaks they are in black. This is probably a mistake because in Chapter 1 verse 10 it says John “heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet” just as it says in Revelations 4:1 which later in Chapter 1 proves to be the voice of Christ. This may be confusing. I have explained it to the best of my abilities. But normally I would not be smart enough to figure out something like that. I may have noted it before and just forgotten. Anyone who read my notes would not know how I got what I got. I am not even sure I know and this has happened a number of times over the years since I have been practicing it in my own way sort of.

You can of course look up Win Wenger on the web I am sure. I heartily testify that if you follow the image streaming his way it won’t take you 16 years like it kind of did me.


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