Really there should be more time for the little things in my life. I have been so cognizant of the serious and that has made such things mundane and lacking in mystery. I would love to see my new baby relative about now. I should probably go take a walk while it is cooler. Appreciating a beautiful sunset sounds like fun. Maybe I should write a nice poem to that lady I have been thinking of and heck even give it to her. Remembrance of yesteryear brings to mind walking by the stream near our home in the country with KC my dog and my brothers. I have never really understood the tide against the sentimental. I am not even sure why I turn kind of nostalgic in the midst of these flowing thoughts.

Is it truly in one’s nature to be happy? I remember being happy growing up, tied as I was to the mystical in nature to the streams and trees and rocks and by mystical I mean that extra stuff which was like a light of heaven in nature. I see the spiritual in myself and others and know it must be natural to be happy. Even though my life has gone through periods of unhappiness even until quite recently I know I can be happy if I cling to what I love. Perhaps some of you will think me some hippie. Well, I cannot really help that.


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