Relaxed Afternoon

I am sitting on my multi-colored couch with the purple fan on a low setting as the sun shines over my shoulders through the open blinds. My phone keeps setting off an alarm of an old bell announcing that my medicine is due which I have never turned off permanently. I just leave it on so I know that during weekdays the consumer run organization is about to start so it serves a purpose. But some of the non-copyright music is awful on those old phones. I am not tech-savvy enough to get new ring tones.

Anyway, I am trying to become a more educated person and more creative and thoughtful. I will never be a genius to my dismay though I am fairly intuitive. But I am keeping a journal and lists of things I need to know. Like I said in a previous blog I am trying to figure out my life goal. I need a lot more willpower before I can actualize any of the ideas that filter through my rather dismal subconscious. I am not sure they can be called ideas.

Just taking it easy today. Trying to relax and not be anxious about what might be. I am reading  The Age Of Innocence by Edith Wharton. So far it is just okay. I probably should watch the movie instead. I think I preferred the Henry James book about a whole other Archer a female in that one. Isabel Archer I think it was. That however did take me forever to read. I don’t know why I torture myself with boredom by reading classical literature except that I am pretentious when I have no real right to be. I have been a perfectionist about myself in the past. I am high-minded to quote a scripture though I am not sure how that is a negative characteristic.

Lola the cat is relaxing too. She is such a peaceful creature. She let a visitor pet her earlier today and she didn’t try to get away unless he was holding onto her which I could not tell.

Since I got my new smart phone I have been more up on the news. I have  USA Today and CNN and Fox New apps. They are constantly beeping me telling me about some new abortion news which to me has not been good news recently. Anyway, a plane went down near Egypt etc. Hearts are anguished in the world. What will it be like to not be a part of this world?  We all soon will know. I hope this finds all of us in a happy place if we are decent Christian folks. Ta.

Relaxed Afternoon

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