What is my calling?

So I have tried to initiate something which I should have done years ago and I suppose I sort of did anyway which was have a life goal, a calling, a direction, a purpose. Now that I am 41 it seems about time. Lol. Given the mental problems I have it is all about recovery isn’t it and I know that the former is not funny really. Anyway, I wish to help people mentally. Especially those who are trying to increase their learning or adapting capacity.

I suppose one thing I can tell people which has helped me in the past is to reflect patiently with a deep purpose. You can kind of write something out when you are doing this with a kind of prayerful attitude. Think deeply about a problem or about your day for awhile. You can mull over your motivations and intentions and begin to evaluate what your purpose is. You can figure out some goals to have and decide whether they are realistic and based on expectations that are sound. You should at this point be cautious of wishful thinking. For instance, I took time to realize that this one lady probably was not too anxious to be interested in me because of various mistakes I had made so I had to decide to let go. Without putting myself in her shoes I could not really see that at that time I was inappropriate for her.

Really we should not depend on others for our enjoyment of life. We should enjoy life on the most positive terms we can glean from our present circumstances. Perhaps those characteristics which make life unlivable now will alter in the future. If we improve ourselves in the present we may attract the positive in the future. We need to be even-minded in a way that is introspective and calm. We need to be patient yet daring in a way that will be in alignment with our’s and other’s needs.

We should attend to our interests in the present moment whether they be people or books or learning of some sort. We need to channel our energy through control and focus through our willpower with utility for our purpose. Whether we are solving a problem or being creative or thinking logically there are a number of differing approaches to our collective purposes. I do not pretend to have everything sorted out. But I am working toward a synthesis of goals and solutions.

What is my calling?

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