Raison d’etre

My reason for writing is not very complex. The reason I write is to feel somewhat normal and human and reasonable which I do not feel usually. When I see words on a page and it is something I wrote however bad others may think it I see it and I go “I wrote that!” The satisfaction of completing a blog is fascinating to me. The way the mind relaxes when I finish and the survey my mind goes through of my hopefully finished product is a lot of fun. Yeah, lots of the time when I go back and self-evaluate later I suppose I might wonder what I was thinking. But I went through some of my old blogs which got no responses because I did not tag or categorize them and that was better writing than I do now a year later. (Maybe I ought to reblog some of those old blogs. What do you think? Maybe what I ought to do is copy their simplicity and try to write as happily as I did at the beginning (if I was ever happy)).

To be quite honest I never will be Dante or Shakespeare or Keats perhaps obviously. However, it is a pleasure some of the time to write which is why I am not a very good writer. But I don’t feel I have to suffer when I write. When I don’t enjoy it any more I will stop I suppose.


Raison d’etre

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