Eternity or nothing?

So I am wondering how to evaluate eternity in light of what we know about it which is like nothing unless one believes what people have said over time about it. I am reminded of the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. Indeed he could probably tell us what happens after we die right about now if there is an eternity which I believe there is. How do I account for my belief? One thing we know with the passage of time is that we all will know very soon about at least what happens after death if there is a consciousness after death. I have pondered that perhaps very soon man will become inured through transhumanism to death because of what Revelations in the Bible says about men being unable to escape the sting of the scorpion by dying.

There is no one we can possibly go to about dying except for the religions which claim authority through prophets and wise men and visionaries. There are also people who have claimed to have had a near-death experience. I have read some of their writings and was unimpressed. I think one was called Embraced By The Light by Betty J. Eadie.

So what really happens when we die? Will we go to the Great White Throne? Believers in Christ think they will be with Jesus forever ruling with him during the Millennium and beyond. There is some form of ‘judgment’ for them in which they are rewarded for what they have done in this life. Should we be constantly evaluating ourselves because of what happens in the next life?

Some people believe in reincarnation which I have always thought was not very smart. Especially the thought that in the next life we will be a toad or a cow. That is such a degrading conception of humanity. It is kind of like the absolutely fruitless and despicable idea that someone as beautiful as Charlize Theron evolved from an ugly ape or any animal at all or any human evolved from an ape for that matter. Look, if you want to degrade yourself by saying you evolved from or were once an ostrich in a former life you can stick your head in the sand all you want. Only people so smart they have become stupid believe such things.

I digress.

Intelligence does not improve the lot of everyone it touches. I used to believe I was smart until I proved myself a fool. Many people are like me in that they think they know better. I have thought at times that I knew better than others. Obviously when it comes to reincarnation and evolution I still think that. No one can go back in time to prove it otherwise.

Sometime I would like to evaluate what religious texts say about dying and eternity. I feel that the answers will only be found in the Bible but to be rigorous I want to explore more of that sometime.

Eternity or nothing?

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