The Nephilim

I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Nephilim the term for either giants or the angels who sired them in ancient times and the sort of total DNA catastrophe that came about because of these extremely talented angels messing around with the bloodlines of  animals and humans and angels.  Of course it may not have occurred through talent but just a lot of intercourse no one really knows how the centaurs and mermaids and sirens and goat men et cetera were spawned. Did they have test tubes back then?  Which I believe anything was possible even more so then the modern technology explosion. It was surely a different technology. But God judged that world because of the violence and evil motives of ancient men with a flood.

Will God judge the world again for transhumanism and transgender and perversion? The Bible says He will.  I believe in the future a person will be judged by people by his engineered DNA or whether he is considered obsolete. I think the Bible is dead set against that the engineering of DNA. Of course there are other sins that stack up to heaven. I refer you to the widely divergent teachings of L.A. Marzulli, Ron Skiba or Mike Hoggard if you want to choose an author or preacher to follow on the subject.

The Nephilim

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