Changing Spirits

The spiritual level around Independence, Kansas where I live seems to be changing. I feel it in my spirit and in the fact that I am having some spiritual ‘evolution’. I do not believe in physical macro-evolution with apes turning to people or that there is any sort of change in species over millions of years. I believe around 4000 B.C. was the beginning of the world along with Archbishop Ussher. Not many people would agree with that but I am digressing. I really should not talk about this. I keep having visions of angels in various guises male and female. Your old men will dream dreams your young men will have visions Joel in the Bible says in the end days. I do not pretend that verse is talking about me. Perhaps they are visual hallucinations because I do have paranoid schizophrenia according to my doctor.

There was once a famous religious teacher by the name of Bishop Pike. He believed his son who had passed away was communicating with him through mediums and things that were happening around him. He eventually disappeared in the deserts of Israel because of what he was being led by, which were apparently familiar spirits. He died there in a mysterious fashion. I do not want that to happen to me so I am very careful how I term such things as this not wishing to bring God’s wrath upon myself or to incur demonic influence in my life.

I do not engage in witchcraft or tarot cards or ouija boards. So why are these spirits appearing and are they good or bad? I am sure many if not all people would say they are either evil or neither and are just hallucinations. Since they do not seem to have any use I suppose they are neither. They just are kind of frightening at times.

Changing Spirits

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