Wisdom’s Pull

I am sitting lotus style here on my grandmother’s quilt. The breeze is rather chill coming in the open sliding glass door with just the screen between me and mother nature. It is around 1 in the morning here where I am. In 5 hours I will be off to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled all 4 of them. So far I have not lost any other teeth because I brush periodically I guess although the dentist I saw last was not to happy with me because I said I didn’t brush daily as I should. If I am going to see people I brush but if not I don’t.

My back is aching which just tells me my body cannot take what it used to when it was younger. The passage of years is starting to tell with little exercise and little nutrition. I have started to try to reverse that because I want to live to see my immediate family’s new baby see her years of growth in all godliness. It will probably be despite me I tell you that. She has a wonderful mother and father. I want to tell her not to take for granted the love she receives from them and to not blame anyone if her early years are not perfection later on.  Life is good. It won’t always be the same. It will improve with time if you wait on the Lord. If your school life seems like it will never end and you want to just  give up. Don’t.  Rely on reliable authorities if they have become learned in their fields but even then back it up with scripture. Seek out the truth. Seek God out. Listen to his voice while you still can. Don’t say tomorrow I will listen to God do it today. TODAY is the day of salvation. You see I have got myself in a predicament and I don’t know if I will be able to extricate myself from this misery I have gotten myself into. I don’t want to be the rich man in Hell mourning for his unsaved family members who are still alive.

Wisdom’s Pull

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