What I Have Seen

In 1995, when I was beginning to sense the upcoming storm I saw Christ Jesus coming on the clouds of heaven in judgment for me. I do not believe this was a normal hallucination of course. I have never known for sure what to believe exactly about that event. He did not have any words for me. He seemed to be communicating my upcoming judgment event in heaven rather than guaranteeing a seat at his marriage supper.  I have over the years sensed many spooky events and seen many things that others have not seen. I am sure part of that is my insanity which fools me into thinking things are real which are not. I have seen messengers of the heavens and presumably some messengers of Hell over the years. I would say this has happened about 10 times. But I guess I could just as easily say 5 or 30 because I am not really sure I am just guessing.

Up and beyond that I have sensed exponentially many more spiritual realities than just these “visions.” Perhaps I should call them nonrealities. Or extremely realistic seeming fantasies. I am no prophet and I try to limit what I say about the Bible.

One time I saw an angel of light hovering over a certain factory manager’s head at a place I used to work when some workers were trying to vote in the union. Whether this was a fantasy, a hallucination, an angel, a demon or some other apparition I don’t have the slightest clue. All I know it was very real to me. I usually take such visions for lack of a better word as having personal relevance to my life. At the time I did believe it was an angel protecting the manager because he was a good Christian man.

I saw two angels in the course of living for a six year period at Sandhearth. One of the angels was a very martial and warlike figure. A kind of puffpatch character in a way all puffed up and patched over. Very serious about guarding those people from me although I loved them too much to harm them. The second angel was an angel as tall as an elm tree in the front porch area of Sandhearth. I had been walking along the road at night when I saw it in the moonlight one warm, summer midnight around 2008.

Don’t believe in worshiping angels or anything. Just because I have seen them doesn’t make me an expert or even remotely interested in angelology or demonology. I have had some dealings with spiritual things that seemed to be emulating ghosts but they are not real to me as such being I believe demons are what they are. The ghosts are rather discouraging to be honest believing as I do their malevolent source.

In summary, I feel I have seen beings from another reality. A 4th dimension or as through a wormhole into another sector of time and space.  Or who knows perhaps from heaven or the other place. They have not said anything to me or I would have told you. I also feel I saw Jesus. All these things seem very real as I said. They are probably not. But I thought someone might be interested in what I have to say.

What I Have Seen

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