Finding Purpose

The precipitate haste which with my life dances a kind of a death knell is something which should give me pause. I have been wasting away for far too long and I need to set some goals about my life to take over charge of my life and begin to have a purpose deeply set in my values and my beliefs if they can be said to exist which I believe they can. They just may not be what one would expect I suppose. I have a strong distaste for abortion and the homosexual ‘rights’ which as someone recently wisely said are not going to stop until America is in ashes. I have an infant family member and she is so-loved by our family. I feel for those babies that are being lost to this terrible institution of abortion and I don’t often feel a lot. I am selfish as well like those who believe in such things so I am not saying I am better than them in these areas. I do not hate homosexuals and I do not hate pro-choice people. However, I do hate the sin and love the sinner.

I am getting away from the gist of things. Suffice it that I hold that there are concrete laws which are set in stone sometimes literally. I have not always obeyed the law none of us can say he has totally obeyed the law but I do believe that Jesus Christ frees Christians from keeping the law to the letter except through the Spirit. We should try to keep the moral law as Christ distinguished it for us and the Spirit speaks abba father to our spirit. We are not free to sin of course but I am a poor theologian. What I mean to say is my values come from the remainder of what I recall from my childhood and recent readings in scripture concerning God’s eternal, tough-minded, tender-hearted ways which may eventually judge us all which I am sure will happen.

I need to build on my interests. I need to find that one thing and master it. For awhile I thought this was end-times or eschatology. But then I realized there were better men than me who had a more intellectual and spiritual grasp of the subject like Mike Hoggard and John Walvoord and I can think of a variety of others who have made this a niche for themselves from various perspectives. So what is going to be that one thing for me? What is going to be my niche? I have written 99 blogs and I still do not know.

And perhaps who knows it is like someone recently said about whispering that it has to do with familiar spirits and that just happens to be my blog name. Things are getting spooky now. wooo… But certainly if that is true I cannot expect any authentic Christians to follow my blog. If I have to believe that I am causing harm to people than I just may give up the blog.

Finding Purpose

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