New Book about Snipers

The Sniper And The Wolf is by Scott McEwen with Thomas Koloniar. The novel is a very good yarn along the lines of something like the movie Commando or the book made into a   movie I gather also coauthored by Scott McEwen American Sniper. This is a very adult book with profanity, warfare, and a nondetailed rape scene and there is a lot of violent bloodletting and patriotism that is perhaps tarnished in some minds by questionable wars and dubiously honorable politicians. However, one cheers for the hero Gil Shannon because like a lot of people in the military he is gutsy and noble in giving himself to danger for his country in a self-sacrificial manner.

The Wolf is a Chechen terrorist being pursued in Europe by sniper Gil Shannon and an equally tough Russian agent. The Wolf outguns them all along the way. Can the Americans and Russians stop the Wolf and other terrorists from blasting an oil pipeline that threatens to economically ravage the world as we know it? A darn good read. Four stars out of four.

New Book about Snipers

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