The dirtiest man in the world

Reflecting on smells, odors, perfumes, and stench, having lived at a place where the last in that list of aromas was all one ever smelled and therefore thankful for my relatively scent-free environment which I live in  now, I must say that I am sure I contributed my fair share of wafting essence to the place. But to be totally honest some of the people I have loved most have been the worst smelling because they for reasons individual to each person had problems with smelly armpit odor and other sources of smell malfeasance. I love each and every one of those people some of whom have passed on. As a mentally diverse person, there have been many times when I have gotten into a van with others of my kind and had to endure foul smelling breath or BO or worse. There is no good excuse for smelling badly unless you live on the street. I saw somewhere today the dirtiest man in the world on the web and he had not taken a bath in 60 years and you could tell. He had had a bad experience growing up or something.

I have these vanilla scented trash bags that make my trash smell so pretty. I thought I better get to the good smells before I grossed everybody out. I had some onion rings from Arbys today that someone thought smelled so good and they did. The pleasant aroma filled the  whole car. Usually food smells good only if you like it. Would you say that is true? That is probably an inaccurate observation.

Recently, I was about to get evicted because of a supposed cat smell in my house which did not last long in my house if it was ever there. I suppose this is why I bring up odors is because of this injustice. I happen to know of others with foul smells like chewing tobacco and piss in their homes which I have been invited into to my chagrin. I cannot look down on those people. Yet to single my cat out because of a smell which in all likelihood came from something other than her makes me angry especially since it did not last long at least according to the one person I trust to clean my home who never has smelled my cat or me both of us taking baths every day. I am the first to admit I may be nose blind and I am sure there are unpleasant odors in my house. I just cannot see how it can compare unfavorably with every other tenant of theirs. I guess I need to direct them to the youtube of the dirtiest man in the world. Sorry I am just venting I guess.

The dirtiest man in the world

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