Why the chicken should not have crossed the road.

I had a very pleasant morning and afternoon with family Saturday. We have had the newest edition to immediate family in years and me and my brothers love her along with grandpa and her mom and her brother. She is adorable and I cherish this new addition (or edition) to the family. I only pray that because of my mental illness she will not feel badly ever because her relative is not normal.

We were all set to go to a famous nearby chicken restaurant at noon but first one then the other nearby just as illustrious chicken place were closed. So we were all disappointed going down the road in my Dad’s ride when suddenly out of nowhere came a chicken. Suffice it to say we got more than enough chicken within seconds. My brother and a child got to see the full execution from a car following along behind. The kid thought it was cool and did not seem shocked when recounting it later. Of course the comment later was Dad really was mad about not getting any chicken.

We ended up eating sirloin and chicken fried steak at a nearby restaurant. I had the sirloin medium rare.


Why the chicken should not have crossed the road.

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