Lola the Cat And Eternity

Cats are said to be symbolic of eternity because they curl up with their head touching their tail not unlike oroboros except that it is a feline not a dragon or snake. My cat was sleeping on the bed a few minutes ago in precisely that form. Now she seems to be digging at something in the court jester’s room which I mentioned many moons ago in some silly blog. Unlike the Egyptians I don’t know if I will shave my eyebrows whenever she passes hopefully many years from now but I will be sad. But cats also have been linked with snakes also in their being unaffected by the death of Buddha. The cat is not in the Bible. However in both Kabbalah and Buddhism cats are once again linked with snakes as being sin or the result of a lifestyle that is not appropriate to God. Yet I believe most of that is hocus pocus and has no basis in reality. My cat is beloved by me and those who visit our abode. She has been a very good cat never leaving presents from either end. Lola is black, white and brown a tabby I believe though I do not know much about cats. Just my sweet little baby.

Lola the Cat And Eternity

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