Moral Value

In the Republic Plato concluded that intrinsic to morality or virtue was a value exceeding the benefits or detractions outwardly. This I believe was a discussion with Gyges by Socrates. So if there is a value in morality that transcends the beneficial or the avoidance of misdeed’s threat perhaps there is value even in virtue while apart from whether God’s judgment is applicable or not. Does that naturally follow? Or am I talking in circles? I am trying to find a way where I can still be moral and yet have the result of God’s judgment coming whether I like it or not. I will probably always be worse than most people if the Bible is right (which of course it has never been wrong so far as I know) about the dog returning to his vomit or the sow returning to washing in the mire. But I still feel there is a value intrinsic to moral stances even for me. Can there be a morality outside of God? If God were to die and not return would there be a morality possible? Morality  is almost inconceivable without God having its issuance from Him. He is holy and people are to be holy like Him. I realize He will never die because He has foreseen that He will live forever. But like the Bible says in Genesis nothing was becoming impossible for men by their imaginations when building Babel. The myths talk about gods hurling rocks toward heaven to try to strike God down. Was it possible through a wormhole on the top of Babel to reach heaven? Who knows what might have happened at one time? Can you imagine the utter chaos if God were actually mortal? Actually imagine if Jesus had been unable to rise from the grave? I am not actually sure that is for a healthy imagination but the world and  everything else would crumble. The universe would die. Would the angels die and the demons? Where would our souls go? But it is precisely because God is so sovereign and almighty that He can guarantee our soul to a heaven someday if we cling to that old cross. On that cross our old selves died with him and we will receive a new body with him just as soon as the rapture happens which is an event coming soon to planet earth.

Perhaps this is a battle that is already over and I demonstrate the impossibility of my soul’s reason. I know my blog is kind of all over the place today. Sorry about that. I can be so serious it is ridiculous at times but I feel I have a perspective that is tragically and compellingly unique. I feel that I am lost and I feel I know the Bible backwards and forwards on this particular doctrine of apostasy and I am screaming at the world do not do what I did because you will regret it so deeply for all eternity along with people like me and Hitler and Marx and Darwin and Judas and Saul and others who have been lead to destruction by our common enemy the Devil.




Moral Value

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