Seeking Truth

What is the truth about life and God and eternity? Without a clear guide from the holy spirit and the holy bible in conjunction in the context to the degree possible relative to how long one has known and submitted to Christ, one cannot find reality from the eternal standpoint of God the creator. But we all have a reason to know God and his handiwork to a certain degree because of what we see in creation as referenced in Romans. I made that kind of confusing perhaps because I am sort of confused myself. Only an authentic Christian who is lead by the Holy Spirit and conscience as transformed in the renewing of the mind talked of in scripture can be lead adequately in all truth. I do not say I am not a Christian because if I did I might as well jump in a fire for all my life would be worth. (Please no one jump in a fire judging and dooming yourself eternally because I said that. God loves everyone and is not willing that any should perish not even an evil old brute like me. Who knows perhaps as 2 Timothy says God shall lead me to repentance. I am not saying I should not be rebuffed for my sinful life and false way I am just asking that you be clear in your judgments.)

I had a friend who said I was narrow-minded in my beliefs because I think there are not many gods or many faiths. She believes that I am judgmental because I think Muslims and Mormons and Catholics and other cults and occultic ways are not ways of salvation or at least paths to God whom she believes is the same god of all. Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through me. Narrow is the path to eternal life according to the Bible. So the way (Jesus Christ) is narrow. Does that not make Christ narrow-minded in the sense that He is not going to let anyone into heaven just because they said Lord,Lord? That means anyone besides Christ, being the way, who claims they bring redemption through the coredemptrix Mary or through holy marriage in Mormonism or yes even the prophet this or that is a liar according to the Holy Bible.

My thoughts toward these other ways are probably not the attitude of an authentic Christian who love out of a pure heart snatching those out of the fire who they can. I am merely taking the authority of the Holy Bible which I believe to be very well-established according to men who died for the truth which you don’t find in other religions to the degree that you find in Judaism and Christianity. Anyone who will die for the truth is a very strong authority in my book. I am thinking of Paul and the apostles and the prophets and the martyrs of all time. They all died for Christ and his promises because they had a reasonable cause to believe them. I am not so sure Muslims who die for virgins murdering others can be put on the same footing as these men. In fact, I am pretty sure they should not be. But if you are a Muslim or a Catholic or a Mormon or a part of some religion which claims truth and my reasoning seems wrong please don’t kill me or curse me. Use reasoning to back your claims about your beliefs or thoughts or ways of reasoning. I want to believe I can be saved which I feel I have lost with Christianity because of my hard-heartedness and sinful resistance to God. So if there is a way of salvation though I have reason to believe there is none besides Christianity that is as well-attested and definitely as well-loved by me that has lucid, consistent authorities that are well-documented as being good, decent, pure men or women of upstanding lives and conscience who have provided as clear and purpose-driven and eternally profitable a way of salvation then communicate it to me. Or better yet, if you are an authentic Christian and you feel I have misjudged myself or not taken scripture in it’s proper context and you can clearly refute my thoughts on my salvation please help my evil, unbelieving heart.

If you feel you are lost and need encouragement you probably are not lost or you would not be seeking the truth. But if so and you have no evil intentions toward me like unhealthy sexual interest or retribution for slandering your religion supposedly or you think I have money (which I don’t) then try to leave a comment I can respond to somehow.

Seeking Truth

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