Women are such amazing, wonderful creatures. I have been thinking about all the sweet women I know. Now I am not so backward as to believe that every woman is a bright little angel made of soft lacy material and stuff of heaven and star ray. Some of them are though; they really are. They can be so exotic and mysterious, so striking and astonishing in their flights of fancy and thought.  They are often geniuses of emotion which is probably why they usually stay away from me not that I fault them for that. Let us face it ladies I am a weirdo with my hazy eyes and hard heart. But I do have a tender spot for the weaker sex. Just when you think you have figured out a woman’s heart she will say I got ya and you have got to reframe the question. I have only once in my life been  close to anybody but women are still something I want to know about a bit more. I am 40 years old and I am still as far as women are concerned in the dark as to what they want and how to provide that. I love when women allow me to be polite to them or complement them on their pretty eyes and they don’t get angry or threatened. I love a woman who can put me at ease with my feelings about her and does not presume I am the latest jerk. I am not God’s gift to women. I am old and crazy and will probably never get to know anyone at this rate. But thank you God for kind and loving and holy and affectionate women. They add a great spice to life.



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