The Escape by David Baldacci

The Escape by David Baldacci is a very competent thriller with slam-bang action along with espionage and shady goings on in the periphery of government. John Puller is the hero having been the focus of I believe two previous books. He is a military investigator, who is the son of an army general. His brother is Roger Puller, who was on his way to the top of the military until he was put in prison for espionage against the United States. But perhaps things are not what they seem. The tension is a tightened guitar string that is constant throughout this novel which hangs around for 630 pages but it does not wear out its welcome. However, you should ask yourself if you want to spend the necessary time to read something like this or would you rather be more constructive with your reading. If you just want to have a good time but not learn a whole lot then I suggest this book. Three and a half out of four stars.


The Escape by David Baldacci

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