The Revenant

I went to the local theater to see The Revenant. It was directed by Alejandro Inarritu. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The film was better than I expected. I was not sure what to expect with the title which was a word I had read in a Stephen King novel and did not know the meaning of. I thought it meant an avenging spirit so that is kind of what I was looking for and what I got was fairly close to that though on research in the dictionary I found that it meant someone returned from the dead. The movie is grueling and gritty and forehead veined. I had read the story of Hugh Glass I am sure years ago and Jim Bridger before he became a legend just like Glass and John Fitzgerald. Some of the details were unfamiliar. Like the Hawk character. Maybe I had forgotten about him or something. Anyway the story begins with a ferocious Indian attack which is amazing and there is later a bear attack and all sorts of demanding and exhausting and sometimes disgusting things happening. Outside of some Faces of Fear video one hasn’t likely seen a bear or any animal attack this realistic before. It is rated R for a reason. A seasoned movie watcher may be nonplussed but everyone else should not think of letting themselves or anyone of faint heart watch. A pain wrenched DiCaprio is the image that stays in my head, bloodied and after a while bloodthirsty literally at times. The scenery is beautiful like Jeremiah Johnson or Dances With Wolves or any of a number of Western pictures. I am sure a comparison could be done between Robert Redford’s career and DiCaprio’s but I am not the cinema master to do it though I am sure that would make interesting reading. To use phraseology I have learned probably from Roger Ebert it does not mean much to say one loves this movie though I do admire it. One scene didn’t make much sense to me and a number of payoffs are hard to describe and would reveal to much of the plot. Not being experienced with photography even I notice things like the deep lens cinematography in this. The sound is well designed. Excruciating and bludgeoning and deadening. Still I will give it for its acting by DiCaprio and Hardy who are both put through there paces and viscerally demanding three stars out of four.

The Revenant

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