Watching Fantastic Four

Watching Fantastic Four was a good experience as I had not watched a movie in a while.  It had an excellent cast yet their characters were kind of cardboard though the movie handles them in a smooth and a serious way. This was a lot different than the previous two movies with the funky Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards and Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. Those movies were a lot more comic bookie compared to this serious effort. It tries to base this in a more dynamic way with younger characters who are mostly better actors I personally think though it may be the way the movie handles its characters. At times it felt like  a PG-13 horror movie. Miles Teller is Reed Richards who I have seen in a movie before though I cannot think what in. Kate Mara is perhaps not quite the supermodel as Jessica Alba but she is just as fetching in her way. Is it just me or are movies with ‘fantastic’ action sequences because of their ubiquitous nature becoming boring?  Star Wars for instance had a climactic action scene that was boring because I knew the outcome. I will take a sturdy plot with good writing and characters over special effects triumphs any day. Perhaps I should not be giving this the score I am because of that.  Three stars out of four with a barely positive vote. Perhaps you should see this once at least so.

Watching Fantastic Four

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