Baldacci and Boccaccio

I recently read a novel for the first time in quite awhile except for The Portrait Of A Lady by Henry James who is a brilliant writer and that was quite a book. So the fact that I am underwhelmed by Neal Griffin’s Benefit Of The Doubt is not that surprising compared to the previous tome which is like probably one of the heights of literature or something. I had to skip over a few of the more viciously described killings in the Griffin book because it is not good for my imagination. I really liked a character called Tia Suarez but she was not really the focus of the book though an important character with not a lot of ‘screen time.’ If I read the promotional chapter for the next book at the back of this novel right Suarez is in the next novel so for that reason only I may check out the follow-up. The villain is pretty intense hence the killings a la above. A guy by the moniker Harlan Lee. There are also some shady detectives. It was 360 pages and put out by TOR.

Another book I am reading by David Baldacci called The Escape is very good. I am 300 pages in and have 330 to go so I will tell you about it soon. Neither book has much poetry in it being straightforward thrillers. Both books have some surprises in them a few times.

It doesn’t look like I will be finishing the Decameron by Boccaccio. Too dense and remote from my experience. A little ribald too. I may try again some other time.

Well, if I can snag someone with a TV and blu-ray player I may watch the Fantastic Four movie the new one. I hope it is better than the previous ones.


Baldacci and Boccaccio

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