Christmas Wrapping Light Sabers

After asking everyone at Sunshine Club if anyone wanted to go to see Star Wars and getting nobody, I went to the film not knowing what to expect, disappointed that I was alone and spending about 21 dollars to get my ticket and Diet Dr. Pepper and popcorn so I was quite emotionally mute. But my spirit lifted with this fresh young face of a heroine and the other new main character well portrayed by their respective actors. I guess it is no secret that Han Solo is back, played by Harrison Ford as well as other characters who will be familiar to those who have traveled to the galaxy far, far away a long time ago. I want to see it again because I had to take a break halfway through and missed some of the action. I know that is sacrilegious to some but have pity on a middle-aged man. Lol. Anyway, there are very few memorable lines and some of the plot does not make much sense but overall I had a good time I would say.

I have loved Star Wars since I was around 10 years old and maybe even younger so I have a lot of investment in the Star Wars galaxy. My two brothers and I played Star Wars for years it seemed like. I was usually Han Solo and my brothers were Luke Skywalker and my youngest brother was an assortment of characters including R2D2. No one wanted to be C3PO or the Wookie. I recall that we used Christmas wrapping holders for light sabers knocking over important furniture driving Mom to the limit of her patience.

I went  it seems at least a mile in the slushy snow and sleet throughout the day although it may have just seemed that way. Last night the wind came up and blew down some trees around town. At the time I was sure God was coming to get me because of the Bible saying reap the whirlwind and how in the end times there will be many violent whirlwinds coming after the ungodly. Of course I have a guilty conscience which I have got to tame in some way.

I need more friends badly but I don’t know how to meet up with new people or have much to say to them. Having more friends seems to be the only thing to drive the irritation or ennui or obsession away. I tend to obsess over the end time scenarios and follow the rise of occult culture which is very damning to our society. I just pray that I am not part of that damnation. I know I can be insensitive when talking about such things but that is how I feel. I do not wish to hurt anyone.

Haven’t been going to Sunshine Club recently. But I did go from 1 to 3 P.M. after eating a crunchwrap slider from Taco Bell and some nachos.  I don’t often have money to spend on such things that often but occasionally I indulge.

I have actually lost some weight recently because I don’t eat that often but starving myself doesn’t seem to cause me to lose weight not that I am attempting to lose any. I am merely focused on self  I guess which is rather repellent. That is all I do on my blog is talk about myself.

Anyway, I wish I knew how to link text from other blogs and what have you. I don’t know what blog I would connect to mine or what other site. But I would like to have the knowledge of how to do it. My blog is bare minimum but that is okay I guess. I do have a book called Blogging for Dummies which is rather old I think so I don’t know how up-to-date it is. I am sure things change rather frenetically on the internet with knowledge doubling every whatever it is now.

Well, once again I have probably outlasted my welcome. Lol. Such confident qualities I have. If I don’t see you before then Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Wrapping Light Sabers

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