Cold Morning

Yeah it is a cold morning and yet I have the sliding glass door open. It keeps me awake and my thoughts fresh.  I like the immediacy with nature like the birds chirping and the rooster cawing. My cat Lola likes it too.  Yesterday night I went over to a neighbor’s and had pizza from Caseys. They make great pizza I think though I cannot trust myself on such opinions I have found.  What I think is great they think is the worst sort of slop which would seem to add to my sense of being an outsider in about everything. I have just got to learn self-acceptance somehow. I know I am self-absorbed I guess now you can add self-conscious in more ways than I was. Anyway, that is okay.

I have been nibbling on White Jacket by Herman Melville. It sure is full of I don’t know would one call it local color except aboard a ship. I guess the local color would be white which yeah that could be about 95% true. Not a bad book so far. I hope I can stretch out and gobble some more of the book sometime today kind of like that delicious pizza except hopefully easier to digest. I have been trying to use some techniques to make myself a better reader like using my imagination and predictions as to where it is going but I am having trouble learning that. I may always be a mediocre reader but at least I can say I always try to improve. Being reflective patiently and prayerfully and purposefully I also find good for reading though it takes a great deal of work for me to actually be reflective. It is like reading some of the blogs they take a bit of work to understand. Some of the bloggers are quite talented many way more talented than I will ever be. Since I am nibbling on white jacket I must be a shark. I think Peter Benchley already did that. I must be John the Apostle eating the little book in Revelations 10. Not really, I couldn’t unlatch his sandal. Not the apostle or the author’s or the bloggers or Melville’s.

My brother and I talked a while the other day about the new Star Wars which I believe came out yesterday. Of course we haven’t seen it and neither one of us wants to have it ruined by reading about it on the internet. We redistributed the same material we generally talk about I think. I love my brother as any loyal brother does. It has been twenty years since we have been in a fight.

One of these days I need to decide on a niche so that I can concentrate on something besides my boring life. Any ideas?

Cold Morning

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