Back in Blue

I am back after several months hiatus with  my blog and I am feeling pretty good today though this past week has been rough. I was tested positive for lupus which I know nothing about and wonder if anybody could educate me with what they know among my followers. I guess I could look on the internet (lol). But that is not how I want to get my info I guess.

I got rid of my TV so I have not been watching many movies which I love so much but they were getting on my nerves a bit and also were kind of clouding my brain. So I have resolved at least for awhile to just read books.  I wonder how long this will last. Anyway, I have read Carl G. Jung’s  Memories, Dreams, Reflections, the autobiographical work he did with someone else whose name I don’t recall.  I was interested to find that I got more out of it this time than I did ten years ago when I tried to read it. Jung seems to take it for granted that fantasy and dreams are important places to develop knowledge about psychiatry or psychology. I am not criticizing him he very well maybe right in the way he uses his dreams and these fantasies that come upon him. I guess I am clouding my brain in a different way than with TV.

I also read Ethan Frome  by Edith Wharton, which was very good. Because of it’s brief length I would recommend it to anyone not wanting to get too deep in a large novel but would like a brief sojourn into a simple but elegantly told story. I had read some of Wharton’s ghost stories before which were quite excellent especially “Kerfol.”

Just started White Jacket which is very comfortable with me being a lover of Moby  Dick, that ponderous tome which I read more than a decade ago. This also is by Herman Melville. One really does get the flavor of being at sea on a ship with no room but for the sailors and their picked over possessions. Melville like Conrad seems to have really got the whole being at sea thing down. One can really hear the characters speak with individual voices and it has been really infectious getting back to reading again and using my imagination which I am reminded is so much better than movies.

Two other books I am simultaneously reading are John Walvoord’s book on Revelation and The Masterpiece by Joseph Chambers. Contrasted Chambers focuses on the big picture while Walvoord pores over minute detail. If you want to learn also about Revelation and wish to rather watch videos on it I recommend Utube.

Back in Blue

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