Sunshine Club

Went to club today and really enjoyed myself. One of my favorite people was there: Perfect and her mother Conscience. Perfect is an angel and loves Jesus. I am afraid because she has joined the Mormon church they may try to teach her something other than Jesus but I cannot really interfere so I pray. Perfect is an innocent person and because they are teaching her to read which is a great thing I think she thinks they have her back. Perhaps I have read their religion wrong but I don’t think so when it comes to Christ. Anyway there is just not much I can do about it except hope that God will intervene in some way.

There are some new people at club. One is Timidity a very shy but lovely girl about 23 years old who I had a chance to talk to on the bus last Thursday. I used to be just as shy and just as low of self-esteem if there is such a thing as self-esteem. So I understand some of what she is going through. It is very difficult when you cannot adequately express yourself. It is also very lonely. I don’t know if these are her characteristics but that is how I once felt about myself . I plan on trying to work with her on these things if possible in the days ahead although I will have to ascertain whether these things are true of her I guess I shouldn’t assume.

Merry was, well, merry as usual. She talks a mile a minute and yet that is quite forgivable. She has a genius for making things from scratch and is great at planning what will be for dinner a week from now at club.  She was trying to foist on me some red candy apple something or other. Now that I think about it I forgot my extra plate of barbecue beef which I will hopefully get tomorrow if I can get a ride to club. Maybe Loretta can give me a ride or Fury.

I have never had so many friends in my life in a way. But tomorrow I may feel something different. Such is life.

Sunshine Club

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