The Powers of The World To Come

I believe I am the apostasy that precedes Antichrist. I do not want to deceive anyone. I want to be as honest as I can possibly be and yet still remain as a pertinent example of what to do and what not to do. I firmly believe the Bible is inerrant or without error. The Bible absolutely amazes me. So Christ being the Word absolutely amazes me as well. I am in awe of God and his testimony about himself. The 500 or so prophecies that have come true should cause people to pause and consider God’s great work. The hundreds of prophecies remaining to be fulfilled should cause people to look up if they are Christian because their salvation draweth nigh. I often wonder what the future will hold for me and the Bible answers that. There will be Hell on earth if I live long enough which I don’t believe I will because most of the especially hard-hearted will die at the beginning of the tribulation. And after that will be Hell for eternity.

That is incredibly damning and depressing for me and frightening at times. All I have as the Bible says is a sense of doom. How did I get so bad? I sinned and demonstrated to God that I did not want to repent when he called me to do so. I lusted after women. You probably think I had to be deeply into porn to get so bad. I was not.

It does not take a great effort to be rejected by Christ. It can just as easily take a small one. He says if you are lukewarm like lukewarm water he will spew you out of his mouth. He indeed will hold onto you forever but he can’t do anything if you let go or are not on fire for him. I do not want to call into question the efficacy of Christ’s blood to cover over sin. Christ can forgive any sin and according to some the unforgivable sin was only for the people of Jesus time who said he was performing miracles in the name of the Devil. Of course it is possible such a sin can still be sinned but you would have to be pretty far gone to commit it. As far as I know I never have but I still think I am lost.

I have heard that a text without a context is a pretext so if you doubt my use of scripture just look up in the Bible what I say. That may be difficult if you don’t know the  Bible well. There are a few portions of the Bible I have not read in the old testament but otherwise I think I have got the gist of it. I am by no means an authority on the Bible. So take my lesson with a grain of salt. You should probably not take lessons from an apostate except on what not to do. Ta.

The Powers of The World To Come

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