My Bitter Neighbors and me

I have several neighbors who fall into the bitterness of the age and  I probably unfortunately can be said to be a bitter root myself so I admit to some hypocrisy when I complain about them. But I am not at least the type to take vent at every little thing I see wrong. I try to keep it to myself and hopefully become less bitter over time. I try to extirpate the bitter root within myself. Within others is a whole other story.

For instance, I went to see someone who lives nearby me just to be friendly. My neighbor who lives nearby as well later came to my door and chewed me out because she thought I oughtn’t  to be friendly with them because she was related to them. I suppose she thought I was trying to seduce someone which was far from the situation. I can understand being protective of family and I am sure because she has no values she assumes I have the same values as her. But such is not the case.

Anyway, I took my lecture like I was the scroungiest dog around. I am going to be good and forgive her but how I wish I could give her a tongue lashing and quote John Stuart Mill “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.”  I can see the police taking me away ranting this line as they duck my head into the car after I accosted her out. But I am not going to do that. I am going to be a good Christian boy.

Of course it just goes to show to my lack of genuine love that I feel this way. And hers as well. We both are in the wrong. I suppose this is being reproved by God for some sort of wrong-spirited behavior on my part but I don’t know what that is. Perhaps I am in self-denial partially. So this is something I am working through.

My Bitter Neighbors and me

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