From the Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”                      I would like to if I could be anything to be a scholar to whom people showed deference that is just how my personality works. I wish I could write profound works which were deep and rational ( like my personality type). I wish I could discourse at length before classes and be someone other people deferred to in lieu of a better wise man. But I don’t want to be just any sophist I would like to be almost like an intellectual wizard like Einstein. Because of my illness it will never be but it is fun to dream like some Walter Mitty and who knows if I keep reading and perhaps take some classes I can at least become a rational person although maybe that is too much to hope for. Just taking classes won’t remove delusions but who knows perhaps I can teach a little class on things I know about and just have a pizza party with it at which I rant on and on.  I am being hyperbolic of course.


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