In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Honorific.”   If I could commemorate one influence from early life who was worthy of their own day, I would say it would have to be Louis L’amour the writer of Westerns and adventures. Although when I go back to some of those old novels I realize they always weren’t of the same quality they however consisted of those ideals which confirmed manifest destiny perhaps one could say. They were about strong hardworking men and women who were destined to make a place for themselves or die trying. L’amour had a love for lore and the land and could spin a tale like few could in the Western. There was even at one time a book full of quotations from his books that showed the wisdom and sensible attitude he had. Though I question how religious he was I know he was not far from being a very good person who could perhaps find salvation and who knows perhaps he did before his time was up. I especially love the Sackett stories. Sackett’s Land and Sackett were two of my favorites along with The Walking Drum and a little story called “Merrano Of the Dry Country.” William Tell Sackett was my favorite character of his probably. I never did get into the Sackett movie as much as some people.  It seemed anticlimactic to my experience of the books most of which I read in two years around 1987 quite near the year of his death. I wish he could have finished his conceptions of future Sackett novels and the two sequels to the Walking Drum I think. He was a very well read individual excited by ideas and greatness in virility and hutzpuh. I wish he was still with us even if he did die 20 some years back.


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