John Stuart Mill, a scholar of no small education, I would say by his erudition said,”That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.” On Liberty. Page 22. Further, “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” Page 22.

So I am grappling with these statements trying in my feeble-minded way to understand them and see if they apply to our day and age. I have a feeling an understanding of what freedom is and whether we have it in our modern society could be extrapolated from these and similar ways of thinking. But can I rise above the bromides I have always thought with and leash myself to hounds out of Hell. Probably not. But with a little feedback I feel I can maybe learn an approximation of what our soldiers and forefathers so dearly died for. It indeed is a precious liberty we are slowly losing here in the west which the east seems to be learning the value of.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Psalm 111:10. I believe because we have taken a fear of God out of our private lives we have lost our public observances of our Creator and his very real right to sovereignty in the public square. True education has gone the way of the Dodo.

God will not force his sovereignty over us at least in this life, however, in the next life things may get a little dicey. But for the average joe out on the street liberty looks like “in a civilized community” a lack of harm to others as the only prerequisite which with he and others are defended. Like Mill says to a degree I believe a civilized community should not restrict the individual through force politically or through socially coercive measures. He does not mention the minority that will gain political power and thus have power over the majority.  I think the gay minority wants ultimately enforced participation with their lifestyle. I do not hate gays. I have friends who are homosexual but I myself would never practice such behavior. Their agenda is transparent to me in this way. I could be wrong but why do I doubt that.

We are responsible however perhaps in a way I  have not talked about. I made a tangential comment about the Bible. Christ could be said to be all about freedom. Being a slave to Christ is the only kind of slavery that truly frees. This is something I have observed in Christians. I myself have perhaps fallen too far away. I would appear to be an evil old gnostic.

Anyway, I am no real thinker. I just rant on and on. I suppose eventually I will be shut up by the system which engulfs the whole world. Until then I will exert my right to not harm anyone but be able to say whatever I darn please. Ta.


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