Starry Night

The night sky this time of year is unfamiliar to me because I used to focus on it in the fall I believe. I don’t hardly recognize any of the constellations that grace the night sky this time of year and night.  I have always thought they held the secret to the universe and indeed even older than zodiacal star charts are the scriptures foretold in the sky. This comes from an old book called Volney’s Ruins I believe which I have not read. Anyway, the night sky evokes signs and wonders which even Genesis says the stars and moon and sun are for.  Just think about the surplus of books about blood moons and stuff like that which may correlate with Matthew 24.

I could go on about such things but the sheer beauty of each star filling out the sky with fire is enough to hold my attention. I don’t believe anyone knows how far the stars are away because they get kind of ridiculous with their billions and trillions. They don’t know. They have never traveled there which is the only way we would know how far away the stars are if we could calculate that far. The same ultimately holds for how old the earth is and the galaxy and the universe. No one alive was around a trillion or 4000 years ago. I think there are good reasons for a young earth but in the end I have to hold my hands up and say I wasn’t there. I have certain beliefs that point in a certain direction and I feel they are fairly sensible however I will probably only know for certain in heaven if I go there.

I keep coming back to those beautiful chariots of fire in the sky year after year however imperfectly I know the starry host and their order. God arranges the boundaries of the heavens. He knows the name of every star just as he knows the hairs on our heads. Angels must revel in the glow of different worlds flying with their Elysian wings aloft amid space dust and star light. All I know is the shadows will not triumph. I may have to face the fact that I am part of that shadow. Shine upon my dusky heart and reveal to me my shortcomings, Holy Spirit.

Starry Night

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