Spoon-fed Modern

A midnight daydream is a thinking about my day at midnight. I went to the Consumer Run today after sleeping the morning away. There were 14 there which is more than usual.  We had several from Sandhearth in Fredonia. We also had a number from Sunshine Club.  Perfect and her relative were there. Precious returned from her vacation with Tremendous our mascot. Incredible was there as vigilant as ever. Heavenly went to Big Cheese with her boyfriend. Perfect bought pizza for everyone. Lilly was there. Lovely is our van driver and she sat out back smoking. Then I went and joined her pretty soon everyone was out there enjoying the shade, sunshine and cutting up.

You know wet cat sure doesn’t smell very good I have decided. Maybe if I had tried harder to shampoo her  she might smell cleaner. I didn’t try hard enough because she was really not liking it. I think she still loves me.  I haven’t written her adventures in awhile because no one was reading them. If I got one person reading them I might write more.

I started watching The Missing, a 2004 film by Ron Howard but then I remembered how depressed it made me the first time I watched it. It is rather long and brutal at times. I like Cate Blanchett but she has been in better movies. So has Tommy Lee Jones. I like the little girl in the  movie whose name I don’t know. She does some good acting and is cute.

I have about fizzled out on The Portrait of A Lady and am starting The Odyssey. I tend to read several books at once but I  am trying not to do that because I will start on about 5 books and only read one. My attention has to really be there to make it through a book and I have trouble maintaining a hold on a book. I think part of my problem with the Henry James book is that I don’t understand a lot of the dramatic turns between the speakers. I don’t get what he is talking about. All that repartee or remarks between lovers or those who would be lovers and those who are refusing to make love. If I thought about it a little I might be able to discern the various shades of meaning but like a lot of moderns I want to be spoon-fed I guess. I am not rigorous enough in my thinking. Of course maybe it does not date well and that is the problem. I have got a lot out of the book however so perhaps I will finish it.

Carla Gugino has gorgeous eyes. I have been thinking about them. I wish I could recall what movies I have seen her in besides Sin City and San Andreas. She is a very good actress like I said in another blog; she just doesn’t suit the material in San Andreas. My friend Sela has beautiful eyes too. I will look Carla up on google to see what movies she has been in that I have seen. Son In Law (1993). I couldn’t tell what other movies she had been in. I could not recall her in Inglourious Basterds or What Lies Beneath though if she was in them I am sure she was good. I just don’t recall well I have seen so many movies. Of course maybe those were premieres she was at.

Sela is my British girlfriend. She has a wonderful accent. Wonderful eyes wonderful smile et cetera. We talk on Skype. My cup runneth over with her.

Spoon-fed Modern

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