Court Jester

I am sitting in the court jester’s chair wearing my Punisher T-shirt with its death head emblem or icon or what have you. It is only eleven o’clock P.M. It is going to be a long night if I don’ t sleep. Hopefully, I can read more of The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James which is an upper-class melodrama which I guess you could say means pretentious heightened drama in merry old England. I don’t always understand everything that is said in it I will confess my lack of understanding of 19th century wooing of the female sex. I have though been doing some wooing of an English girl too so maybe I feel I need some pointers. James is a delicate and refined writer, very sensitive and adroit. However, I guess because I come from the age of violent videos and aggressive people I keep expecting an armed robbery or stagecoach heist or shootout.

If you haven’t read in previous blogs about my court jester’s chair well it is my burgundy recliner couched in my walk-in closet which a king has vacated for his court jester and so I laugh at the universe kind of like God laughing at evil humans.  There is nothing funny about it being in a closet which I will only say once. It is just the quietest most closed in room in my house and I can relax there. But it is not my business what other people think of me so. So think what you will. But I should make clear I do not advocate homosexual relations. I don’t think the body was designed for that. And I don’t want God laughing at me even if that was my predilection.

My little Lola is running around like the spunky teen kitty she is. She is 14 or so in cat years. She sleeps a lot of the time.

Court Jester

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