Retail Apocalypse

I don’t know if you have heard this and I do tend to talk scare at times. So if I am Peter and the retail apocalypse is a real wolf then I am in trouble and you are too. It is not just  the boy who cried wolf who finds trouble after several dubious cries of wolf it is also the townspeople.  A similar illustration comes down to us from Greece concerning Cassandra mentioned in the movie 12 Monkeys and in mythology who had foreknowledge but the inability to do anything about it.  I do not know for certain how this will take shape. No one does. Only God but when there is a storm in the west we head inside.

There is a storm in the west and I don’t see a way out of it. About 6000 retail stores are going under as we speak and into the immediate future. Type in stores closing into google. You may have heard about it. It is news to me however so there may be millions crying wolf at this time. I may be the lone straggler coming in.

Anyway, how does this affect a schizophrenic like me. Well, whether it is pathology or religion I tend to obsess about verses from the Bible I think are about me and will affect me. Fear which is of the devil has a great influence on  my life. Does that make me some devil? Perhaps I am just as evil as I sometimes think I am. Perhaps I am better than what I intimate. I really cannot tell. I try to align myself with the Bible and its heavenly writer the holy spirit as much as I can.

There is a coming nexus of events which are all quite interesting if you read John Hagee or Johnathon Cahn I don’t recall spelling. Watch some of the youtube vids to see what is happening with the Nephilim and the global government as being orchestrated by the Pope or the President and other groups. Some confusion may enter your heart but be clear-minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. Because the end of all things is near.

I am very worried about what will happen to the ones I  love as well.

A Growing Human

Why can’t life go on as it has before?

Must I ever be blown to and fro?

Sometimes I am shaken at the core.

Will I continue to grow

as a human anymore?

Or will I just be a crow

or raven quoting nevermore?

Of course I am stealing from Poe here on purpose. I only steal from the best and minisculy at best. Poe wrote a poem I like to quote called To Helen. Kind of garbled in meaning I think but really good. Doesn’t it go something like “Helen, thy body is to me like those nice seeing barks of yorkies.” Oh  thy beauty is to me like those Nicean barks of yore.  Well, I never said my memory was perfect.

So this is how I do it. I keep my mind occupied and hope the future will mend itself. So I pray and love today with an eye on the past and my hand on the pulse of the future. How are we consumers for instance going to be seen in the future if we don’t work hard which I don’t right now except on the internet at my blogs and relations through email. I am a regular mouse potato though I do not use a mouse on my computer.

Retail Apocalypse

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