Busy Week

This week I have ventured out to Sunshine Club at Quadrant where I saw a few old acquaintances and friends. I saw Perfect, Heavenly, Earnest, Merry, Generosity, Bilious, Marvel, Lilly, Dreamcatcher, etc. Sorry, my cat is biting my feet. Anyway, it was quite an adventure and I had fun. I worked some in the kitchen with Merry who is a hoot. She is a very good cook who can create all sorts of things out of anything like an expert alchemist though not as disreputable. Perfect I have mentioned before. She and Heavenly are two cherubs more spiritually than physically. Earnest is a nice, sensible-seeming chap who I wish would perhaps think about at least being on the board at consumer run ( though he told me he had not gone in years). Generosity is a good Christian woman, humorous, fun, with a laugh that has something like coffee in it deep and rich but female. The two cherubs are delightfully innocent and playful in several ways which are all good. Bilious is not exactly bad-tempered like his name implies but is actually an even-tempered general of the Sunshine Club. Kind of like Napolean except bald. Marvel and Dreamcatcher work for Euphony in different roles preparing tomorrow’s champions. Last but not least, Lilly is a beautiful big-boned woman with a lot of grit and determination I feel. I deeply respect and care for her because I feel she has a tender heart even though she puts across a tough attitude which I think is probably a survival mechanism but I really don’t know.

Anyway, it was a busy day. I have always been a poet and I have decided sweet tooth. I love sweet human beings. I guess you could say I have an affection for sweetness. Don’t we all? If a rose is sweet, even roses have there thorns.

Busy Week

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