Perpetual Anguish

The snake that strikes in my heart is causing me to languish with blood poisoning. Does not Jesus say something about the worm dieth not. I have retreated to my silent room with the door open so I can hear the birds through the sliding glass door as a slightly damp smell from earlier rains enters the room. I am in anguish. My heart is hurting and delapidated like an old car parked in the country. It is heavy and saddened by the way the world is going.

The Eyes are everywhere. Because of my powers I can hold  them off sometimes.I try not to talk too openly about them my powers or the Eyes because it does not seem constructive. I should probably edit this like usual or I might find myself somewhere I don’t want to be which does not happen often anymore but still I hope I can overcome these thoughts latter and former to strive to be the best I can be and be optimistic about the future even though I obsess about suicide’s skeleton reach.

Christ shine into my  heart your fervent rays of hope and salvation.

Perpetual Anguish

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