Shawn L. Bird Welcome

The reason I thought Shawn (she is a female by the way if you haven’t read her blog which I heartily recommend) that you might be mad at me was because I had said several days earlier that I thought a poem of yours was endearing but not necessarily enduring which was a horribly presumptuous thing for me to say. You reacted in a way I am not used to being responded with which was extremely reasonable.  I am not used to such civil responses because I am around dramatic people all the time and manics and paranoids. Thank you for having a level head. Welcome to my little blog. I talk about a lot of things usually personal things and stuff I am struggling with. I recommend a prose piece I did which was taken from a couple of poems I wrote called Hushed Whisper. How do you think I could improve the piece or what do you think of the piece I would like to know?  I don’t know how you will tell me you liked it or not so. No one except one person has read my blog catswhispering about my cat’s adventures. You might try it. Thank you sweet heart!

Shawn L. Bird Welcome

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