Furious Reflections

I just finished watching Furious 7 which is the height of vehicular mayhem. It is action-packed from one end to the other. Though Vin Diesel is always kind of one note, he chooses movies that fit his particular brand of cool and I kind of think he has a decent track record. Paul Walker died if I recall correctly in a car wreck before finishing the film and his brother stepped in to film a few scenes I believe. Like I said I have been away from new movies for ten years and I am unsure of what Diesel and Walker have done since around 2005. So their careers may well have cooled off I don’t know. I think several of the Fast and Furious movies were watchable if not great cinematic art. I think that probably goes without saying. There are two long sequences involving cars that switch back and forth between action elements quite ably. Jason Statham, always intense, is a pretty good villain though we don’t go into his character at all. He is just some sort of black op bad ass if I understand it right who is avenging his brother who I believed was killed in a previous film. Michelle Rodriguez is noteworthy as a love interest and as one of the protagonists. She held her own in fight scenes with Gina Carano in Furious 6 and a tough femme in this one. The cars also are stars of the show though I know little about them. One sequence in the U.A.E. features  a car leaping skyscraper to skyscraper which strains credibility naturally but as Roger Ebert said about Terminator 2 “no one will say there is not enough action.” 3 out of 4

Furious Reflections

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