Brotherly Euphony

A euphony is an exchange of ideas and my brother and I have been talking movies which is a favorite pastime of ours. When we were young we talked Star Wars and comic books. Now we talk about cinema because that is all I know about never watching the weather which my Uncle David once advised I do so we would have more to talk about ostensibly I guess. My brother is a smart guy definitely more educated than I am. Tonight we talked about Harrison Ford who he feels has a better oeuvre than about any other actor though I would say it has been some years since he has made something exceptional. Arnold made some of the best action flicks of the 80’s and 90’s and as my brother said has yet to find his niche since his governorship. Russell Crowe had been in a number of flicks that were exceptional in the late 90’s. I don’t think Robert Downey Jr. or Johnny Depp can either be said to be normal enough to take the reins from those guys. Who is going to be the new star of this millennium? I hate to say I don’t think it is Leonardo who is not an action hombre which is what I am talking about I guess.  Of course what actor can boast as great as movies as Raiders and Star Wars and Blade Runner which has really gained a following since it’s early days. Except for maybe Mosquito Coast and some of the movies he made in the 2000s perhaps, Harrison Ford has a record no man can beat. I am not even commenting on acting skill which Ford has proved to be an exceptional actor. Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell also are two who had a great run when I was young. I haven’t even touched on the females. I actually think they are doing better in the twenty-first century than their male counterparts. It used to be Sandra Bullock, who still does well though she could be said to be losing her looks somewhat though i will always think her a sweetheart.Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfieffer,  and a whole number of 80’s and  90’s players are leaving the screen or so it would seem.  But actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams, NIcole Kidman (still gorgeous), Scarlett Johannson, the unusual beauty of Noomi Rapace, etc. There are a number of  when it comes to the ladies.

I have not even got African-American and latino folks in the mix though there are a number of noteworthy stars. I kind of went from the action guys to the beautiful leading ladies without a breath. Vin Diesel , Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas (what however was the last thing he did?), etc. I am sure there are many upcoming stars I have not talked about ? I just came out of an institution where there was a black out for movie info which was just the nature of what was. That lasted 6 years. So if I seem ignorant it is because I am.

Brotherly Euphony

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