A lot of folks don’t understand what people with mental illness go through though they might if they understand that we all have problems and these are merely amplified for some who must navigate with voices and angels appearing to them which tends to be quite a daunting thing to get through mentally and spiritually and most of us would opt out of hearing and seeing such things naturally. We do not choose to hear and see things. Our brains are not functioning right. It  is an illness like any other which must be treated with medication and then things do get better. Some people live with these things lifelong and others grow out of it for whatever reason during the seasons of their lives.

Delusions of persecution are something else some struggle with. I feel that Barack Obama is personally watching me and I have to take deep breaths and assure myself that he is not the Antichrist and that there is not an alien inside his head which speaks to me. Sometimes I think I am the Antichrist and that I have powers that can infest the world. Some of these thoughts are delusions of grandeur. These are all a part of mental illness. At least I hope so.


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