Friendship with Cinema

I reach the age of forty with trepidation. Because of my reticence to form relationships with real people, I have charged film with the duty of being a friend. For the last twenty years my companionship has been with some of the most interesting people alive. I think of actors like Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan. True it has been a few years since their heyday but I was away from movies for about ten years so the last of my recollection is that they were on top. You might wonder when I say I have been with movies for twenty years why I then say I was ‘away.’  I was away from new movies for ten years. I had about 400 movies I watched from the past over and over again. The Net and French Kiss for awhile were favorites of mine by the fore-said artists. Russell Crowe was another great one to watch. I loved The Insider and L.A. Confidential. Unfortunately some of the actors I like are some of the most morally bankrupt people alive. They have tempered my heart and given me one swiss cheese of a conscience. However, the movies have excited me, transformed me, elated me, and scared the wits out of me. Yes, there is a lot of sewage in movies and there are many things I wish I could take back seeing like a number of horror films I saw in the nineties. Since then I have learned my lesson.

In the past three years, I have grown acquainted with seeing new films which to some degree has been a pleasure but they sure don’t make em like they used to in my humble opinion. According to the Bible, friendship with the world is enmity toward God. The cinema is very worldly 99% of the time which makes me wonder about my relationship with God. Maybe I should have started wondering about that some time ago.

Friendship with Cinema

One thought on “Friendship with Cinema

  1. Paul S says:

    I enjoyed reading this, probably because I’ve had a similar relationship with cinema.
    But for me nothing in life needs an explanation if you’re on the right path and being a good person.


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