Backyard Comments

I am looking off into the darkness of my backyard. I can see from this vantage point on the floor just the boles of a few trees and in the distance about a football field away is a flickering light. It is blinking off and on because of the intermediate trees blowing in the wind.  All of the mystery of this life seems rapt there in the commotion, defining for me a dichotomy both transient and eternal. Yet isn’t it like this darkness that is so impeditive with the stuff of nature, that it gestures like a great giant of oblivion threatening to swallow my life in the penumbra which is everywhere except this little bedroom where I map out my years of tense deliberation even to quote Thoreau of “quiet desperation.”

It is morning now and the cocks are crowing . My cat and I have been up all night as I surfed the net. I finished a bad movie with Salma Hayek who is pretty enough to make it not so bad. I would give it 2 out 4 stars, which means fair but really nothing special. It is called Everly. The movie seems to think it funny when prostitutes get killed which I don’t get. Zombies maybe. Maybe that is the implication of the movie which I don’t think very funny. Prostitutes live hard enough lives anyway without being compared to zombies. I am not saying they live appropriate lives or anything but every human has dignity to a degree because didn’t Christ die for us all. Ta.

Backyard Comments

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