Optimize Preparation

There are several thunderclouds on the horizon. Which one if any will produce a tornado or hail or a downpour or high winds is hard to tell. A variety of things could happen. But we need to shelter ourselves from any or all of these. We may have to have additional precautions for a tornado or a flood. Frankly there are some things you may not be able to prepare for. But if you don’t think about it deeply you may regret not at least preparing for the worse. Some people say if it is going to get you it is going to get you and that there is not a whole lot one can do. Some may even think it a little unchristian to prepare unduly for eventualities only God can control.

However, if one for instance thinks about the very real possibility of an economic breakdown in the future and potential rioting in the streets like in Greece at one time, one may pause to surmise what the future holds for us. Are there ways outside of just being fabulously wealthy that will protect us from high food prices and maybe even the lack of food? Do we all need to plant gardens? Do we need to hoard food and money? I don’t think those are answers.

I am personally trying to be a more viable member of the community. I am volunteering at a consumer run organization which occupies my time and energy a bit. I am constantly brain-storming about how to improve those recovering from mental illness and their lives. Ideally I would like to see more toward actually working with the community to prepare for the coming storm.

Optimize Preparation

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