We are blessed here in America. We might not think so. I have been materialistic I must confess. I need to be more grateful. I am grateful for my family. They help me to deal with life through the teaching of godly things. I am glad that for the most part I have a Christian family. I hope any who have fallen away will return to God. That includes me. I am doing my best. I am thankful for my wonderful country and all my friends. I am thankful for my enemies who keep me aware of falling. I am thankful for Jesus Christ who died and rose again for me.  I am thankful for suffering which causes me to grow hopefully, just as Jesus suffered. I am blessed by the government who help me with my bills which I hope to eventually become responsible for. I wish to become a writer for money. Whether I will be able to or not remains to be seen. But that too is a blessing: all of my talents and intelligence which may or may not be of an inferior quality are a blessing. In conclusion, blessings are multiplied unto me even a sinner. May you and I and everyone recognize that.


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