I was accused of  being a gossip today. I can be extremely deleterious with my words because I feel I need to be honest and cannot usually recall what I have promised to keep in the vault as it were anyway. Secrets seem dishonest to me so I have a problem with relationships. I don’t gossip for gossip’s sake despite what some say about me. Of course very rarely in my former  life was I one to open my mouth. So I often seemed wiser than I actually was as the wise one said. Anyway, I know this is a problem because it smacks of false witness which is one of the ten commandments. Perhaps there is only an intellectual similarity but I don’t think so. Not everything is always clear to my spirit. If I am a gossip, I need to repent so please grant that the father will have the will that I repent and so somehow be forgiven. Read 2 Timothy.

To those I have hurt with my gossip, please have the will to forgive me, I am sorry.  I want to do better. You only hurt yourself not others by being angry. God will never forgive what you have not forgiven. This preaching is toward us not you.  I need this preaching as much as anyone. I have restless angers too. I too can be unforgiving. So please those of you who pray to God pray for us wild and crazy gossips and unforgiving truce-breakers.


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