Dad turned 70 today

Dad turned 70 today and a lot of Duffs and Troutmans were there to celebrate with him at Will Rogers Memorial Home near Oolagah. We celebrated with him at a meeting place in the ‘barn.’ We had cake and BBQ brisket I think and pizza from Little Caesar’s. The fun-loving kids played with the paranoid baby goats. We got to see some relatives we had not seen for awhile. There was even an old school mate of Mom’s there(Mom passed on in 2009 so). I guess Dad  was surprised by the party; it was difficult to tell by his expression. He got another knife for his birthday. The birthday cake was blue with a boat and a man fishing on top with a fish obviously not taking the line. My brother said something like “yeah, that is a Troutman alright.” Fun was had by all. I think things went well. My aunt and uncle always work hard to please everyone and do a good job of that. My Dad also is well taken care of by his caretakers I think. I am so glad we still have my Dad around. He may be around for age 80 so. He is one of my more important anchors to reality. Without him I would not be the fine, upstanding man I am today. He was the first representation of God in my life. He is a lot like my heavenly father. Kind, gentle, good, wrathful, and all of those things are positive to a growing child. It is okay to be cognizant of the judgment of a wrathful father. It purifies I think. It gives you something to fear similar to the fear of a righteous God. My Dad has been responsible enough to care about what is good.

Dad turned 70 today

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