The Echo of Escaping Time

Time is flying past and somehow I have a feeling the rapture lies right ahead. Beyond that if one does not make it in the catching away one will have to fend for oneself. That will be difficult for me. Even now McDonald’s is getting rid of 6 of their hamburgers. This is a catastrophe! Okay so I might be jocular a little there. That was kind of anticlimactic. But seriously, this is probably leading toward a time where food is scarce or at least expensive or both. I personally think we need to prepare for that possibility rapture or no rapture. I am not saying we should hoard food or build bunkers. Personally, I know I need to start saving up a little money.  Significant amounts of money aren’t going to help in the long term but to get through the initial birth pangs of the end times will be helpful enough and I think we are already in those birth pangs which lead to Messiah. I realize there are many scoffers. I am not one of them. I believe hell on earth and hallelujah in heaven lie just ahead.

The Echo of Escaping Time

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